Sleep Better With Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep Improvement With Hypnosis

Do you feel tired after a sleepless night? Does your stress level contribute to not being able to sleep? Sleeplessness can be a never-ending cycle leaving you both tired and stressed for days to come.

Hypnosis can help with sleep hypnosis. It is time to stop exhaustion from running your life and keep you from getting a proper rest. Sleep hypnosis will help you get a good night sleep naturally. We will help you learn how to sleep better for a happier, more relaxed and more energetic you.

How Can Sleep Hypnosis Help You?

Sleep hypnosis trains your mind to enter the state between waking and sleeping, called the hypnagogic state. This is a naturally occurring state of hypnosis.

Many people who have trouble sleeping or staying asleep find themselves thinking or worrying while they are tossing and turning. You may worry about what time it is, or how you will function the next day when you are exhausted, or you may talk to yourself in your head about your worries or plans, or you may be frustrated or angry about not being able to fall asleep. This makes it even harder to fall asleep.

You can learn how to choose your state of mind so that when it is time to sleep, you can drift off into sleep. Sleep hypnosis teaches you how to relax your mind and body and usher yourself into sleep by entering the relaxing state of hypnosis.

Cancer Survivor Sleeps Like A Baby

Not being able to sleep at night has long been an issue for me. As I approached chemo treatments being awake through the night was terrible as my mind made up scary stories about my upcoming chemo journey...the nights were long, lonely and the next day I was exhausted. I am happy to report that I slept like a baby throughout all my chemo was wonderful to wake up refreshed knowing that as I slept my body was focusing on healing. I also learned to calm my mind and body and strategies to cope with possible side effects and pain. This is one of the best gifts I gave myself to help me on my cancer journey.

Lin M.

Stress and Sleep

Managing stress is a crucial way to get a better sleep. When your mind is relaxed, falling asleep is easier. With sleep hypnosis, you will learn how to get yourself out of stressful thoughts and feelings, so you can relax and be calmer about your life. We can help you get that restful and stress-free night so you can function the next day and enjoy your life.

We have custom programs at our sleep clinic in Burlington for people who are having sleep problems. Whether you are having trouble sleeping, or find yourself waking up at night, hypnosis is a great natural sleep aid.

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