Renee Before & After Weight Loss

I Lost 75 Pounds & 4 Sizes & I’m Loving It!*

Embarrassed & Out Of Control

I was an emotional eater. Out of control. Binging on fast food and junk food. The pounds kept coming on. I was scared for my health. It was hard to bend over and put on my shoes. A struggle to fit into chairs. I felt winded with everyday activities. I was embarrassed. Avoided going out.

I failed at losing weight too many times to count. But I knew I had to do something.

My Discovery

I found Burlington Hypnosis online, and was hoping hypnosis could “rewire” my thinking.

As soon as I arrived, I knew I was in the right place. I saw others who were successful with hypnotic weight loss. I saw how this was possible for me too. They told me all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. That I could learn to make it fun and easy to be fit.

Quick Start

Things improved from the first week. All of a sudden it was easy to make the right choices. I began preferring smaller amounts of healthy foods.

One thing I had always avoided was exercise. Burlington Hypnosis taught me how to make it a no-brainer. Easy to fit into my life. And… (I never thought I would say this) - fun!

Lasting Results! I Feel Amazing!

Now I am in control. I prefer the foods that make me thin. I listen to my body so it is easy to eat just the right amount. Fast food and junk food really have no appeal to me anymore.

I am loving fitness. People are looking to me as a role model at the gym.

I have more confidence. My stress levels are down. I have more energy. Feel more content and calm. I am enjoying going out and being social. Having more fun.

I lost 75 lbs and I feel amazing! I know that this is my lifestyle now.

I am so happy I found hypnosis. Now I am free!

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