Change Your Rules:
Align with the Life You Want

Change Your Rules:
Align with the Life You Want

As we go through life, we create our own set of personal rules. These rules are often created unconsciously, and help us to feel safe. But as time goes on, these rules may no longer serve us.

It is important to examine these rules to see if they still apply to the life you want for yourself. Letting go of old rules and replacing them with new ones can help you reach your potential. This is known as a rule alignment.

What Is Rule Alignment?

Rule alignment is the process of consciously examining your current set of personal rules and seeing if they align with the future life you want for yourself. It can be helpful to break down each rule into its components—the behavior that triggers it, the emotions attached to it, and the outcome it produces—to better understand how it affects your life experience.

Once you have identified a rule that does not support your vision, you can begin to replace it with a new one that brings you closer to where you want to be in life.

“I feel more present in my life”

Working with Tree has been a blessing for my mental health and stress that has been causing serious panic attacks and hopeless feelings. From the first appointment I was already learning tools and listening to tapes that would help ease the stress I was dealing with in my day to day life. At one point I couldn’t drive without calling my dad to help with a panic attack or anxious feeling that was causing me distress. Now overtime and through the session I feel more present in my life and feel as if my brain is less foggy and overwhelmed than ever before. I haven’t had any panic attacks while driving and my mood and energy at work is back to where I want it to be.  – Cristian DiFonzo

The Benefits of Rules Alignment

Rules alignment has many benefits for individuals who make it part of their lifestyle. For starters, it gives individuals more control over their lives by allowing them to choose which rules will serve them best in any given situation. Additionally, it helps individuals break free from any limiting beliefs they may have about themselves or the world around them so they can build up their confidence and take greater risks.

Finally, it encourages self-reflection and introspection which leads to better decision-making skills and improved emotional well-being overall.

How To Get Started With Rules Alignment

The first step in starting your journey with rules alignment is being honest with yourself about what kind of life you want for yourself moving forward. Make a list of goals that you would like to accomplish as well as any fears or limitations that might be holding you back from achieving those goals.

Once you have identified these issues, start looking at your current set of personal rules and decide if they are serving your future vision for yourself or not. If not, start by making small changes one step at a time until you have created a new set of personal rules that aligns with your ideal life path forward.

You can also use rule alignment anytime something in your life isn’t going according to plan. Examining the underlying belief system behind why things aren’t working out will give you insight into what needs changing in order for things to work out differently in the future. By doing so, you are essentially reconditioning yourself for success—replacing old beliefs with ones that are more likely to produce positive results in any given situation.

Changing our old habits can sometimes feel daunting but it doesn’t have to be! We all create our own personal rules over time as we go through our unique life experiences.

By taking part in a practice called “rules alignment” we can begin creating new habits that lead us toward our potential instead of holding us back from it! The important thing is taking the first step – being honest with ourselves about what kind of life we want – so we can begin examining our current set of personal rules and deciding if they are serving our future vision for ourselves or not.

With some patience, dedication, and hard work, anyone can make positive changes in their lives using this technique!


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