Discover How Hypnosis For Kids & Teenagers Can Help

Helping kids learn to succeed with hypnosis is one of our specialties.

We use hypnosis to help children in the Halton, Hamilton and surrounding areas with many challenges, including:

If your child is struggling, hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can help. Kids naturally spend more time in the hypnotic state than adults. Children tend to be flexible and open to new experiences. All helpful for hypnotic success. And the skills your child learns at Burlington Hypnosis will serve them for a lifetime.

Hypnosis Ended Fear Of Wasps & Hornets*

Before doing the hypnosis program I was terrified of wasps and hornets. It was getting to the point where I could barely go outside without sweating and feeling tense and stressed out. Now I feel way more confident around wasps and hornets and I can really enjoy being outside.*
Daniel N. Student

Overcame Stress Of University Transition*

Before I came to see Robbie I felt like everything was falling apart. I just started university and I was stressed. I thought I was going to fail academically and fail as a person. Hypnosis helped to relax me and calm me of my stresses. In this state I was able to see clearly and understand no matter what, everything was going to be OK. I feel like me again. I know how to deal with future stresses and have the confidence that I can overcome them. Thank you very much!*
Vanessa F. Student

Baseball Player Gains Confidence & Improves His Game*

Before coming to Burlington Hypnosis I really doubted myself and my abilities as a baseball player. With the help of Robbie I became more composed and able to strategically pinpoint my problems with both the physical and mental aspect of my game. Now I am in the process of getting drafted or going to school to play the game I love with an open and confident outlook.*
Owen S. Pitcher

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    Stopped Hair Pulling & Improved Confidence*

    Before I started coming here, I was having self-confidence issues, and was having a major problem with pulling my hair out. After just 4 sessions, I am now much more comfortable with who I am and the people around me. I have also not pulled a single hair out in 3 weeks! This experience has definitely changed my life for the better.*
    Jackson K. Student

    Improved Study Habits & Doing Better In School

    Before I came to Burlington Hypnosis I had terrible study habits, procrastinated, didn’t complete my homework and was afraid of failure. Now I am doing better in school always doing my work and feeling confident.*

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