Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn

The Burlington Hypnosis centre likes to give back to the local community, we donate one hour twice a month offering free lunch and learns for local businesses.

All businesses can use strong communication tools to create better productivity within the organization. If you are a business owner with 5 or more employees, reach out to us to see if your business is a candidate for our free lunch and learn.


  • Better communication tools = More productivity
  • Fun understanding of comment human traits, learning how to leverage self and other people via human traits.
  • Focused more on Outcomes


Create the below culture
  • Outcome oriented thinking
  • No failure only feedback
  • Solution based conversions
    • Time management

Call 905 634 4777 or email [email protected] us to see if you are a candidate for a free Lunch and Learn for your business or ....


You can do your screening and sessions online from home, or in person at our location.

Please request what works best for you.

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