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Stopped Biting & Chewing Finger Nails With Hypnosis*

I came to Burlington Hypnosis Centre to curb my 25+ year habit of chewing/biting my fingernails. I have not only stopped this habit, I have begun to form other positive habits for my life. I have gained more than clean healthy nails.*
A.K. Wastewater Operator

30 Year Pack-A-Day Smoker Finally Quits*

After 30 years of smoking 1 pack per day I am happy to say that I am now a non smoker. Had I known it was this easy I would have done it years ago!!! All other attempts quitting were unsuccessful. Glad to be a non smoker now!!*
Paul W. Sales

Smoke Free & Finally Feels Free To Kiss His Wife*

Since coming to Burlington Hypnosis I have been smoke free! At times it does feel like I’m missing something and I guess I really am missing something. That being…I’m missing laboured breathing, I’m missing smelling like tobacco when I’m meeting intelligent people who are aware we are slowly killing ourselves by smoking; I’m missing being sapped of energy and lastly I’m missing the urge to not kiss my wife because she will think it gross to be kissing a smoker!*
Kevin FordPhotographer, Burlington, Ontario

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    ‘It’s The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made’*

    Feel Great & Look Great*

    The transformation for my weight loss & self-confidence has been remarkable. I feel great & look great. I stand taller, I have a lot of new clothes as my old wardrobe no longer fits. I no longer crave carbs. This program is phenomenal in every respect.*
    Sandra S.

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