Pain Management with Hypnosis

We have custom programs to help people who have pain and other discomforts feel better naturally. Hypnosis can help you change your perception of pain, so that you can make yourself more comfortable. Stress and tension often can make pain worse. Hypnosis can help you reduce stress and relax your body for more comfort. This can help with pain management. At our hypnosis clinic we do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

 With the permission of your physician, we can help you engage your body’s natural ability to heal, manage pain and feel more comfortable.

Kim Controls His Pain With Hypnosis, Loses Weight, Enjoys Travel: ‘It Will Change Your Life’*

Ringing In Ears Under Control

The ringing in my ears was affecting my life negatively. I wouldn’t go out, leave my room, work, interact with people and I basically shut down. After my sessions I am back at work, I’m happier, and I can deal with the problem easier. I’ll also be able to apply this to my whole life and be able to lead a more positive and happy life because of it.*
Dave M. Producer/Songwriter

Physician Relieves Morning Sickness With Hypnosis

When I first came here I was desperate for help in dealing with my nausea & vomiting of pregnancy. And more importantly, dealing with my inability to cope with it. Robbie helped me to learn techniques to relax and accept the changes that were happening in my life and in my body. Her personal insight and understanding have helped me deal with this and prepare for my new life as a mom!*

More Relaxed & No Longer Fighting The Pain

When I first started I was in considerable pain every morning. I feel more relaxed and when I have pain I now know how to refocus instead of fighting it.*
Diane W. Retired

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    Carol Manages Her Neck & Back Pain With Hypnosis*

    Ex President Of Pharmaceutical Company Finally Finds Pain Relief With Hypnosis*

    I have experienced extreme pain for the last 15 plus years. Modern medicine had no answers for me. Hypnosis has allowed me to curtail the pain and made it bearable.*
    Retired Ex President Pharmaceutical Company

    Dealing With Pain Better, Less Stress*

    At first I was skeptical about hypnosis as a way of managing pain but no medication I tried helped & my doctor had no solutions. I learned that I could control my thoughts to a degree that I would not have believed. I am dealing better with the pain and am less stressed.*
    Joan S. Retired

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    Pain Management Hypnosis