Too Much On Your Plate?

Too Much On Your Plate?

Too Much On Your Plate?
Lose Weight By Escaping Guilt, Resentment & Stress

This story is a fictional collage of reactions seen in hypnosis clients as they learn how to manage stress.

On the outside Becky looked like she had it all together. The truth was, on the inside, she was a mess. She had been putting on weight over the last few years. She felt like she was drowning under the extra weight, not to mention the weight of her problems.

She was overwhelmed with doing things for other people all the time. She became desperate to escape all the stress. Becky tried everything you can think of, but nothing made a difference. She continued to gain weight, and became more and more stressed. She had constant worries and fears. She knew she was missing out on life. Her eating choices were getting worse and worse. She was feeling so much regret. Becky knew she needed help.

What she decided…

Becky was doing everything for everyone else, and forgetting about herself. Because of this, she was run down, stressed and resentful. Even though she saw what she was doing, she just didn’t know how to get off this treadmill of obligations.

No one wakes up one day and says “I will be a slave, serve other people, and neglect myself for the rest of my life”. The truth is that focusing on others was more appealing to Becky than having to face her own challenges. Helping others gave her a sense of purpose, worthiness and belonging. However, this was at the expense of her own health and well being. The weight problem, stress, and unhappiness were taking their toll on her. She was numb physically and emotionally.

Becky knew something had to change. But she didn’t know how. She decided to seek help with hypnosis.

Weight loss and Self-Confidence with Hypnosis

Hypnosis helped Becky escape living from a place of guilt, resentment & fear, and discover what she really wanted. She was able to shift her attitudes and motivation to make it easy to lose the weight, and live a confident, slim, fit lifestyle.

If you can relate to Becky’s experience, hypnosis may give you the opportunity to lose weight, escape stress and improve your life. Call now for your free hypnotic screening to see if Burlington Hypnosis is right for you 905-634-4777


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